About Big Mac Fantasy Sports


Our Approach

Luck is For Losers. Winners Know More.  It’s that easy. Sure, we see the box scores too. But we also read the charts, study the spreadsheets and understand MLB’s Statcast technology to help you understand player performance and, most importantly, what’s about to happen tomorrow.  You pay to play Fantasy sports, so now you should invest in winning.

Our Story

Tom and the team have been writing about Fantasy sports since Shoeless Joe’s foot fetish surfaced. Okay, not that long.  But they wrote for other sites, and those sites had no sense of humor.  So we started Big Mac Fantasy Sports.  Your Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football teams will benefit from our curiosity, accuracy, and you’ll laugh your ass off along the way. Don’t believe us? Invest now. Win later.

Meet the Team

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Thomas J. McFeeley

Big Mac, T-Mac, Mac Daddy

When Tom started playing fantasy sports, he had to FAX in the lineups weekly. Yeah — he’s old.  Which means he’s seen a thing or two and knows the difference between a trend and a skill. Tom is an award winning Fantasy Sports Writers Association writer and analyst and has been nominated on multiple occasions.  His work has appeared on BaseballHQ, RotoExperts, SportsGrid, the NY Daily News, the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times, the Palm Beach Post and countless newspapers that have become litter box lining.

Wendy Rhoades

King Maker

Wendy can make anyone a winner. Even you.


The Frog

He likes pork.

Next Steps…

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