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Knowledge Drop April 12 2018 – Joe Morgan Edition

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*Joe Morgan was the leading #8 in terms of WAR (Wins Above Replacement).  In just 13 seasons, Morgan tallied 101 WAR; by comparison, Yogi Berra tabulated 59 in 19 seasons, Yaz compiled 96 in 23 seasons and Gary Carter had 70 in 18 seasons.  The more you know….


Elvis has left the building …. Two things here.  #1: The fantasy gods are funny/ironic/cruel.  I wrote Tuesday about embracing injury and how the best teams often are forced to build a deep roster early in the season blah blah blah.  #2 I was actually excited to get Elvis Andrus for the first time this season. He’s always been a bit of a disappointment to me, but now that he is what he is and had a nice season last year, I was satisfied when I landed him a couple of times this season at a reasonable price and draft spot.

Thing #3.  Elvis Andrus fractured his elbow last night.  Well, technically Kenyan Middleton fractured it with a blazing fastball.

That brings us to Thing #4.  Replacing Elvis Andrus. Hopefully you at least have an immediate back-up SS on your roster who can plug the hole while you work the waiver wire and other owners for a trade. Here are some possible options, depending on the depth of your league:

Readily Available: Aledmys Diaz (TOR), Freddy Galvis (SD), Amed Rosario (NYM), Wilmer Difo (WAS), Jordy Mercer (PIT), Ketel Marte (ARI)

Possibly Available: Jed Lowrie (2B MI option), Brandon Crawford (SF), Chris Owings (ARI)

Minor trade targets: Owings, Marcus Semien, Zack Cozart, Dansby Swanson (ATL), Orlando Arcia (MIL)

Most of these options are not necessarily full-year answers, should Andrus be out for 60+ days. I refuse to write much more about Chris Owings, but I think he’s a useful player on your roster and he’s not over-hyped (only by me).  Cozart was drafted late/cheap, but he’s already proving his value hitting in front of one Michael Trout.  Swanson and Arcia are a bit risky, but could be available.

I like all the players in the readily available column for their skills and potential. Playing time is sometimes an issue and a player life Difo will likely be a utility option since SS is filled by an established player (Trea Turner).

All three players in “Possibly Available” could bring significant value to your team.

Long-term – assuming Andrus is out for a significant length of time – your success might depend on your ability to trade with league-mates.  And remember, you don’t need to find your September SS today, you need today’s SS today.  If he can provide value through Memorial Day, that’s great.  But it’s a long season and a key player being hurt doesn’t have to hurt your chances at that championship ring.

Other injuries:  Yesterday alone we saw potential injuries and DL stints for David Price, Jordan Zimmerman, Adam Eaton, Austin Jackson, Travis d’Arnaud, and Manuel Margot. Even Kevin Plawecki, poised to be the Mets full-time catcher, took a fastball to his hand.

Price would be a costly loss, though early indications are that he may not miss a start so I won’t speculate on “replacing” him.  None of the other players rise to the level of an Andrus.  Zimmerman, thank goodness, is poised to probably make his next start.

d’Arnaud is poised to be out for a length of time, perhaps the season. But due to his own injury history, he wasn’t on most Fantasy baseball rosters, or will be easily replaced.  If you took my advice and assume no player will see more than 120 games, replacing all of these names should be easier.

Basebrawls …  We saw a pair of brawls in MLB yesterday with the Yankees-Red Sox, well acting like the Yankees and Red Sox do.  Nolan Arenado also touched off a big brawl in Colorado.

Fantasy-wise, there’s almost nothing to discuss.  Whether you like a good baseball fight or not, the truth is significant suspensions beyond 5-7 games are rarely handed down.  Sure you’d rather have Arenado active for those five or so days, but it’s essentially a bit longer than a paternity leave.

Instead of the brawls, I’d rather discuss Robert Gsellman getting an eighth inning hold, but I won’t bore you with more Mets talk. Until the next Knowledge Drop.

Rhetorical Question … Why the hell doesn’t Shohei Ohtani every day he’s not pitching?  And why not let him hit even on the days he pitches? Lots of talented pitchers don’t seem to be distracted by having to hit when they pitch.


Like Big Mac, @BatFlipCrazy is obsessed with skill stats. He tirelessly examines trends to predict future output.  Follow him on Twitter and read more in-depth data analysis at batflipcrazy.com.  Today he looks at Byron Buxton’s early 2018 performance:

Byron Buxton has started the season with an impersonation of himself from early last season. The good news? This is a much tamer version, as his contact rate sits in the low 70s instead of low 60s. In fact, he’s actually making more contact on pitches in the zone than he did across the whole season in 2017. The challenge is he’s gotten into the old habit of chasing pitches outside the zone (38.5%, +7.4% from 2017), which has dragged his overall contact rate down. Add a bit of bad luck (.185 AVG vs. .233 xAVG) and it looks bad. It’s too soon to panic.


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Congrats to Scott Sherr, who took his second consecutive “Riddle” win — He knew that the milkman would fill up the 3-gallon jug, pour it into the 5-gallon jug — then he’d fill the 3-gallon container again, and pour exactly 2 gallons into the larger one, leaving him with exactly 1 gallon. Well done, Scottie!

Because bad jokes fuel our world.

Dad: Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?
Son: No. What happened?
Dad: The teacher woke him up

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