Mookie Betts May Not Cool Off, Checking on Max Muncy and Piazza’s 9/11 HR

Knowledge Drop June 5, 2018 – Mike Piazza Edition* (31)

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*With all due respect to Greg Maddux, the best #31 in MLB history, any Mets fan has to pay tribute to Piazza, who was, simply, too good a hitter to be a Met. Forget his lifetime stats, Big Mac and most New Yorkers think of this post 9/11 moment whenever Piazza’s name is mentioned.


Mookie Betts, Brandon Crawford and Hitters Due For A Cool June

As we mentioned Sunday, June 1 is a key Fantasy baseball date.  At this point, your team is your team. If your team is struggling, you need a Plan B immediately or you’ll never climb out of the hole.

During the season, we like to scan the stats from the last 3-4 weeks to see who is overperforming, who is falling short, and who might surprise us in the next month. So for this column we looked first at the top hitters, by average, since May 1.  These are generally considered the hot players and this gives us about a five-week span to investigate:

Brandon Crawford 0.422 0.468
Scooter Gennett 0.390 0.425
Eddie Rosario 0.378 0.388
Mookie Betts 0.372 0.356
Jon Jay 0.366 0.410
Matt Kemp 0.361 0.410
Jean Segura 0.361 0.404
Francisco Lindor 0.357 0.367
Danny Valencia 0.356 0.388
Nick Castellanos 0.355 0.430
Nick Markakis 0.353 0.373
Ben Gamel 0.352 0.444


In our “Crush or Flush” columns in the spring, we identified Crawford and Castellanos as players we loved (we were Crushing on them).  Great performances by Betts and Lindor are generally expected but who picked Ben Gamel and Nick Markakis for breakouts?

League average BABIP is generally .295 – .300, but hitters with speed or power often put up career .350 BABIPs.  So looking at this list, Betts and Lindor are only a tick above what we’d expect.  We like Crawford, but a .468 BABIP is as likely as Bartolo Colon passing up the post-game spread for rice cakes for a month. He and Gennett will fall hard. They won’t necessary hit .200 in June, but .422 and .390 are off the table.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, hitters with the lowest averages, is not necessarily the reverse exercise as the above.


Gregor Blanco 0.179 0.297
Enrique Hernandez 0.177 0.163
Christian Villanueva 0.177 0.167
Stephen Piscotty 0.172 0.200
Chance Sisco 0.170 0.258
Didi Gregorius 0.170 0.195
Cody Bellinger 0.170 0.191
Kolten Wong 0.169 0.164
Aaron Altherr 0.169 0.263
Nick Ahmed 0.168 0.189
Hanley Ramirez 0.163 0.156
Jace Peterson 0.161 0.233
Rhys Hoskins 0.161 0.222
Lewis Brinson 0.157 0.182
Paul Goldschmidt 0.153 0.188
Chris Owings 0.148 0.180
Curtis Granderson 0.147 0.244
Chris Davis 0.143 0.218
Kole Calhoun 0.108 0.129


Paul Goldschmidt with a .188 BABIP?  We’ve chronicled Goldschmidt’s woes in a previous column.  We still think he has either an injury or a vision issue.  We’d put him on the 10-day DL with a fake injury, clear his head, and get him some swings in a place far, far away from Chase Field.

Obviously, the lower average hitters will have low BABIPs, but at the top of the list – Gregor Blanco – you see a hitter who’s just not good.  It’s sad for us to see Curtis Granderson limp to retirement and Cole Colhoun is playing himself into an independent minor league career.

Didi Gregorius was due to cool, but this has been extreme.  Expect him to find a middle ground in June, especially if he can find that short porch in right field a few times.

Hoskins suffered a sophomore slump before his injury, so his 2018 is up in the air. Most of the other names will need to get hot for at least 2-3 weeks before being Fantasy relevant.

We broke down only average here, but you can do this exercise across any and all statistics.  When you do, pay attention to the underlying stats as well – they tell the real story.


Today @BatFlipCrazy checks in on the sensation that is Max Muncy:

Checking back in on Max Muncy: If he keeps the skills up (big if), production should continue. Skills = 🔥 Last 20 games: O-swing: 19.6% Contact: 79.5% Hard: 51.1% FB: 46.8% wOBA: .431 / xwOBA: .468 Barrels/PA: 12.7% for season (5th in MLB > 50 BIP) #FantasyBaseball #Dodgers

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